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Jewish culture festival in Poland’s Wrocław

02.08.2022 08:00
The southwestern Polish city of Wrocław is hosting a Jewish cultural festival this week.
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Pixabay LicenseImage by Ri Butov from Pixabay

Dubbed Simcha (Hebrew for "joy"), the event comprises a wide range of concerts, workshops, meetings, panel discussions, film shows, exhibitions, and guided walks along the city’s Jewish heritage sites.

There is also a Jewish fair, a Hebrew language course, and a celebration of Jewish cuisine.

The organizers describe the event as a unique opportunity to meet Jewish culture and learn about its various elements and artistic achievements, with a view to breaking existing stereotypes and teaching respect for various cultures and traditions.

First held in 1999, this year’s Simcha Festival is in its 21st edition. It runs until August 6.

Wrocław's Simcha is one of several Jewish culture festivals in Poland. The best known among these is an annual event in the southern city of Kraków, founded in 1988 and held every June.

Meanwhile, the eastern city of Lublin will host a Jewish festival between August 9 and 14, and the capital Warsaw will be the venue for a similar celebration from August 27 to September 4.