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Polish foundation brings Ukrainian orphans to Poland

02.07.2022 16:28
Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the Happy Kids foundation has managed to evacuate 1,500 children from orphan homes in war-ravaged Ukraine, a Polish daily wrote.
Mariupols hospital and orphanage destroyed by Russian shelling.
Mariupol's hospital and orphanage destroyed by Russian shelling.PAP/Siły Zbrojne Ukrainy

Upon the outbreak of the war, the foundation rushed into action to bring the orphans along with their caregivers to safety.

Arriving from Kherson, Donetsk or Kramatorsk, some of the children have already found home with foster parents, according to Puls Biznesu.

But the monthly cost of the evacuees’ upkeep amounts to over 200,000 euros. The subsidies from the local government were insufficient, so the charity sought extra help.

After gaining a lot of publicity on the media, help came from Polish and foreign enterprises, who defrayed a large part of the expenses.

Not only transnational corporations, but also small companies sprang into action to provide the Ukrainian orphans with all the necessities. Some donated money, others sent furniture, domestic appliances, or personal care and hygiene products, Puls Biznesu reported.

The foundation continues its efforts to help other orphaned children in Ukraine flee from the war and, simultaneously, takes good care of those who are already in Poland.

‘We have saved them from bombs, now the time has come to build their future,’ president of the foundation, Aleksander Kartasiński, told Puls Biznesu.


Source: Puls Biznesu