Mikrokosmos 12 grudnia 2011

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Zaprasza Grzegorz Zembrowski.
Mikrokosmos 12 grudnia 2011
Foto: Glow Images/East News

Kate Bush (50 Words For Snow)

- Wild Man

Etta James (The Dreamer)

- Welcome To The Jungle

- The Dreamer

Selah Sue (Selah Sue)

- This World

- Please

The Black Keys (El Camino)

- Money Maker

- Run Right Back

- Little Black Submarines

Alternative 4 (The Brink)

- False Light

- The Dumbling Down

- Automata

Woven Hand (Black Of The Ink)

- White Bird

My Ruin (A Southern Revelation)

- Middle Finger

- Walk Of Shame

Mark Lanegan (Blues Funeral)

- The Gravedigger's Song

Woven Hand (Black Of The Ink)

- Not One Stone

Dead Can Dance (Live Happenings II)

- The Love That Cannot Be

- Crescent

The Unthanks (Diversions Vol. 1 - The Songs Of Robert Wyatt And Antony And The Johnsons)

- Bird Gerhl

- Man Is The Baby

- you Are My Sister

Sivert Hoyem (Long Slow Distance)

- What Have I Done?