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Far-right candidate to run for president

19.01.2020 13:43
Poland’s far-right Confederation party on Saturday chose Krzysztof Bosak to run in the country’s presidential election due in May.
Krzysztof Bosak at Confederation party convention in Warsaw, January 18, 2020.
Krzysztof Bosak at Confederation party convention in Warsaw, January 18, 2020.PAP/Tomasz Gzell

37-year-old  Bosak is one of the 11 Confederation members elected to Poland’s 460-seat parliament in October. He previously led the ultra-nationalist All-Polish Youth organization and was one of the founders and current vice-chairman of the far-right National Movement party.

Following his nomination at Saturday’s Confederation's convention in Warsaw, Bosak vowed to adhere to the party’s conservative Christian values and work to promote patriotism, conservatism and economic freedom. Bosak slammed the “excessive statism” of the current government by stressing that “nationalists do not want to see the nation become a mere appendage of state bureaucracy”.  “Nationalists want a strong nation, a nation of free people,” he added.

As leader of the All-Poland Youth, Bosak helped organise a controversial march on Poland’s independence day that has been repeatedly denounced by Poland’s opposition as attracting white nationalists and neo-Nazi groups.

Confederation has support of some 8% of potential voters, polls show.

According to surveys, two main candidates in the presidential race are the incumbent president, Andrzej Duda, backed by the ruling Law and Justice party, and Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska of the main opposition Civic Platform party.

Source: PAP