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Quarantine not needed for vaccinated Poles, even if exposed to Delta variant: health ministry

06.07.2021 13:28
Poles vaccinated for COVID-19 will not have to undergo quarantine even if they have been in contact with people infected with the highly contagious Delta variant, officials said on Tuesday.
Health ministry spokesman Wojciech Andrusiewicz.
Health ministry spokesman Wojciech Andrusiewicz. Photo: PAP/Tytus Żmijewski

Wojciech Andrusiewicz, a spokesman for the health ministry, told reporters: "We have information that the vaccines we have in Poland are fully effective.”

Andrusiewicz said that so far 113 infections with the Delta variant had been confirmed in Poland. "Compared to other countries, this is definitely not a lot," he added.

Meanwhile, the government is intensifying its inoculation campaign in an attempt to convince the still high number of people sceptical about the benefits of anti-COVID shots.

Over 14 million people in a country of some 38 million have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, officials announced on Tuesday.

Poland on Tuesday reported 96 new coronavirus infections and 10 more deaths related to COVID-19, bringing the country's total number of cases during the pandemic to 2,880,403 and fatalities to 75,095.


Source: PAP

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