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Four dead as brutal winds batter Poland

20.02.2022 11:30
Four people have been reported dead and six others injured, as strong winds battered parts of Poland at the weekend, snapping trees and damaging roofs.
Photo:PAP/Mateusz Marek

Firefighters said they were called out over 24,000 times to deal with the aftermath of powerful winds on Saturday in various regions across the country. According to the State Fire Service, more than 5,000 roofs were damaged by the strong winds.

State news agency PAP reported that on Saturday night, a total of 1.2 million households were cut off from electricity. On Sunday, over 400,000 households were still off-grid, most of them in the country’s central Mazowieckie province, the Government Centre for Security (RCB) said.

A 30-year-old man died near the central town of Otwock after he was crushed by a falling branch while walking in the forest.

Another accident took place near the village of Jadowo, central Poland, where a dead man was found in a roadside ditch. He was lying face down in the water next to a tree blown over by the gales.

Another victim of the extreme weather was found in the Wielkopolskie region in the western part of the country, and one in south-eastern Poland.


Source: PAP