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Poland welcomes 4.73 million refugees from Ukraine: officials

13.07.2022 08:30
Poland has taken in 4.73 million refugees fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Polish Border Guard agency reported on Wednesday.
Photo:Polish Border Guard/twitter.com/Straz_Graniczna

"Since February 24, a total of 4,732,000 people have crossed into Poland from Ukraine," it said in a tweet.

On Tuesday, around 20,000 refugees from Ukraine arrived in the country, compared with 21,600 a day earlieraccording to the Polish Border Guard.

Meanwhile, more than 2.8 million people have left Poland for Ukraine since February 24, the agency also reported.

On Tuesday, around 22,000 people crossed from Poland into Ukraine, the Polish Border Guard said.

A deputy interior minister said last month that Poland was home to some 1.5 million Ukrainians after many refugees from Russia's invasion of Ukraine decided to return to their country.

Poland in March enacted a measure to offer wide-ranging support to Ukrainians escaping the Russian invasion of their country, which began on February 24.

The measure grants them residence rights and ensures access to educationhealthcare and social benefits.

Nine in 10 Poles are in favour of accepting refugees from war-torn Ukraine, according to a survey.


Source: PAP