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Polish leader says relations with EU must be 'reshaped'

08.08.2022 07:15
Poland’s conservative leader Jarosław Kaczyński has said that the government in Warsaw is set to "reshape" its relations with the European Union after making “big compromises” in the past.
Jarosław Kaczyński (centre).
Jarosław Kaczyński (centre).PAP/Paweł Supernak

Kaczyński made the statement in an interview with the Sieci weekly, parts of which were published by the wpolityce.pl website on Sunday.

The leader of Poland’s governing party Law and Justice (PiS), said: “We’ve shown a maximum of goodwill. We made big compromises.”

He added: “We had to try in order to have clarity. And today things are clear, everybody can see what's at stake, what the game is all about.”  

Kaczyński warned: “Some people will cling to their stupidity and illusions, others are cynically hoping to make fortunes on the subjugation of Poland.”

He added: “For speculators with inside knowledge, the replacement of the zloty with the euro would present an opportunity to earn billions.

"But the rest should understand and accept that an attempt is being made to take away our freedom and sovereignty, and to rob us for good measure."

Lowering the costs of energy

Asked about the planned new Polish stance towards the EU, Poland’s conservative leader replied: “In these circumstances, we must above all look after Polish citizens. We must take action to reduce the costs of energy.”

Kaczyński went on to say: “There is a crisis, there is war, and in such circumstances we are fully justified in taking extraordinary measures ... If the European Commission is failing to fulfil its obligations towards Poland in this area, then we have no reason to fulfil our obligations towards the EU."

“It’s not about refusing to pay our contribution to the EU budget, it’s about other steps and policies,” Kaczyński also said, adding that “there will come a time to discuss the details.”  

‘We’ll have to reshape our relations with EU’

“If we win [the next parliamentary elections], we will have to reshape our relations with the European Union,” he vowed. “We won’t allow the EU to disregard treaties, agreements and contracts in relations with Poland.” 

Kaczyński said that "the new policy" would require “some personnel changes,” but added that replacing the prime minister or the Cabinet “is currently impossible" for many reasons. 

“But we have to draw conclusions - concessions solved nothing even though we went far, dangerously far in my view,” he stated.

“We have to accept this truth and focus on safeguarding Polish citizens,” Kaczyński concluded.


Source: PAPwpolityce.pl