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Poland to dispose of COVID vaccine glut

06.11.2022 21:05
The Polish government plans on selling or giving away around 25 million doses of COVID inoculation that are collecting dust in warehouses.
15.5 million Poles havent been inoculated with a single dose of a COVID vaccine.
15.5 million Poles haven't been inoculated with a single dose of a COVID vaccine.shutterstock.com

Every day, merely 20 thousand Poles get vaccinated against COVID, but a vast majority of them are administered with the second booster shot.

Since the unvaccinated, making up about 40% of the country’s population, remain unwilling to take even the first jab, the Polish authorities are looking to get rid of its surplus of 25 million doses.

Poland’s deputy health minister, Waldemar Kraska, said that the government “is currently negotiating with some countries.”

But the vaccines with a short expiry date might as well be given away for free to some developing countries that couldn’t afford them in the first place, which would be in accordance with WHO’s recommendation.

Until now, Poland has managed to redistribute 30 million vaccine doses mostly to Ukraine, but also to Vietnam and other countries.

In September, Poland’s health minister Adam Niedzielski said that so far, 22 million Poles underwent the basic two-dose COVID-19 vaccination.

Twelve million Polish people have taken one booster shot and 2 million "have received the second booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.


Source: Gazeta Wyborcza