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Officials warn of dangerous conditions in Poland's Tatra

15.01.2023 15:45
Tatra National Park (TPN) officials have issued a warning for hikers in Poland’s southern Tatra mountains, alerting them to difficult conditions in the higher parts of the range.
The popular Kasprowy Wierch peak in Polands Tatras, January 14, 2023.
The popular Kasprowy Wierch peak in Poland's Tatras, January 14, 2023.Photo: PAP/Grzegorz Momot

According to TPN, the trails in the mountain range are icy and covered with a layer of snow, which makes them exceptionally dangerous for tourists to use.

Meanwhile, strong winds in the high Tatras on Sunday stalled the cable car to the popular Kasprowy Wierch peak along with a number of ski lifts.

Gusty winds that can break branches and knock over trees are forecast, further exacerbating the poor conditions on the trails.

The Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service (TOPR) has issued a second degree avalanche warning for Poland’s Tatra mountains, assessing the danger as moderate.

Venturing into the higher parts of the mountains in such conditions requires considerable experience and proper equipment, officials have warned.


Source: IAR