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Poland’s Tatra Mountains closed for tourists

04.02.2023 12:30
Poland’s Tatra National Park has decided to close its entire area to tourism until further notice, the PAP news agency reported on Saturday.
TOPR rescuers in action
TOPR rescuers in actionPhoto: TOPR / facebook.com/1909.topr

Extremely difficult weather conditions and a high avalanche danger were among the reasons cited for the closure, according to PAP.

Heavy snowfall and strong winds have made conditions in the Tatra Mountains extremely dangerous.

The closure was also urged by Poland's Tatra Search and Rescue Service (TOPR) that rescues stranded mountain climbers and tourists in need of assistance in the Polish part of the mountains.

According to TOPR, increased snowfall combined with strong wind has further aggravated the avalanche situation.

Tourists have been advised against all trips to the mountains as waiting for help there in the current conditions could take much longer.

At the moment the Tatras have extremely dangerous conditions for tourism as a 4-high degree of avalanche danger has been announced, PAP said. 

The trails are covered with a thick layer of fresh snow. Large drifts formed in many places, and snow overhangs on the ridges.

Blowing snow and blizzards, which reduce visibility and make orientation in the area difficult, may be the cause of getting lost, news outlets have cautioned. 

The snow cover building up in the Tatras reached 155 cm on Saturday morning on the Kasprowy Wierch peak, one of Poland's main winter ski areas on the border with Slovakia, PAP wrote. 


Source: PAP