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Wagner Group's redeployment to Belarus poses 'expected threat': Polish defense minister

24.07.2023 14:15
The redeployment of the Wagner Group to Belarus poses an expected threat to Poland, the country’s Defense Ministry Chief Mariusz Błaszczak has said.
Mariusz Błaszczak.
Mariusz Błaszczak. Photo: PAP/DPA/Soeren Stache

In response to this development, Poland is bolstering its military presence in the eastern regions, Błaszczak announced on Monday.

During a recent interview aired on Radio Olsztyn, the defense minister disclosed that Poland had anticipated the Wagner Group's relocation to Belarus. The Russian mercenaries are at the moment engaged in exercises at a training facility located just a few kilometers from Poland's borders.

Błaszczak stressed that one of Warsaw’s primary objective is to fortify the border in order to deter potential aggression. As part of this strategy, troops from western regions have already been redeployed to the eastern areas of the country.

"The idea is to demonstrate that attacking Poland is not a viable option," the minister asserted.

Błaszczak also pointed out that efforts to destabilize the Polish-Belarusian border have been ongoing for the past two years, particularly with attempts to facilitate the movement of "migrants drawn by the Lukashenko regime" across the border.

"Despite the construction of a barrier on the border, there are still attempts to breach it," he added.

Błaszczak highlighted the ongoing endeavors to enhance the eastern border's security, including the rearming of units safeguarding the Brest Gate. He noted that Poland will be receiving American Apache helicopters, Abrams tanks, Korean K2 tanks and other military assets, either currently in transit or scheduled for future delivery.

Additionally, the creation and reactivation of new units in Ełk, Kolno, Augustów, and the formation of the First Legion Infantry Division in Podlasie are underway to further strengthen Poland's defenses on the eastern border.


Source: PAP