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US ambassador extends New Year wishes to Poles

01.01.2024 13:11
The US ambassador to Poland wished the country's citizens a safe, peaceful and productive 2024, in a New Year video message posted on social media.
Mark Brzezinski.
Mark Brzezinski.PAP/Rafał Guz

In his speech to Poles, Mark Brzeziński said their country was “an irreplaceable ally and partner for the US.”

“In 2023, our relations were stronger than ever, and I am very proud of all the things we achieved together,” Brzeziński added.

The ambassador also stressed that in 2023 Poles showed the world how strong democracy was in the country: “A record number of Poles have gone to the ballot boxes, and set an example for other democracies all over the world to follow.”

Brzeziński also said it was an honour to witness the October 15 elections, adding that he was “glad to continue carrying out civil nuclear energy projects together with [Poland’s new] Prime Minister Donald Tusk.”

The US ambassador to Poland also talked about the country’s role in supporting Ukraine: “Poland is a leader of collective support for Ukraine, and Ukrainian refugees in the European Union, and the US authorities are clear - we must and will continue to support Ukraine.”

Brzeziński summed up by saying he hoped 2024 will be “an opportunity to celebrate our relations and cooperation, but first and foremost the friendship between Poland and the US, the Polish and American nations.”

“Friendship means trust, and trust is of key importance in everything we do together,” he added.


Source: X.com