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Polish farmers occupy Sejm, hold street march in protest over EU policies

10.05.2024 12:30
Polish farmers started a new wave of protests against EU’s Green Deal and cheap imports from Ukraine, with a sit-in at the lower house of Polish parliament and a street demonstration in Warsaw on Friday.
Demonstration organized by the Solidarity trade union in protest against the EUs Green Deal on the streets of Warsaw on Friday.
Demonstration organized by the "Solidarity" trade union in protest against the EU's Green Deal on the streets of Warsaw on Friday.Photo: PAP/Paweł Supernak

Media reported that the protesters persist in occupying the Sejm, vowing not to vacate the premises until they secure a conversation with the prime minister. Their protest, part of a broader movement, rejects the European Union’s environmental policies as well as calls for Poland to close its borders to Ukrainian products.

At the heart of their protest is opposition to the EU's Green Deal, a sentiment they plan to amplify through a mass demonstration in Warsaw on Friday. Organized under the banner "Down with the Green Deal," the march is expected to draw up to 200,000 participants, according to organizers from the "Solidarity" of Individual Farmers trade union.

The route of the march will wind through key locations in Warsaw, starting from Castle Square and culminating in front of the parliament building. Representatives of various trade groups, including members of former ruling party Law and Justice, are anticipated to join the procession.

Tomasz Obszański, leader of the agricultural "Solidarity," articulated the rationale behind the protest, citing concerns that the EU's climate policies will disproportionately burden small-scale farmers. He emphasizes the need for greater support and consideration for these farming enterprises in light of the impending changes.

"Some subsidies are agreed upon, and the agreements are somehow fulfilled. However, this does not take care of the issue of these smaller farms, this is where support is lacking," Obszański asserted.


Source: Polskie Radio 24, PAP