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Polish MP advocates for taxing private jets to fund rail network expansion

21.05.2024 11:30
In a press conference in Lublin, Poland's Left MP Adrian Zandberg proposed taxing private jets used by millionaires, with the revenue directed towards expanding the European rail network.
Adrian Zandberg.
Adrian Zandberg.Photo:PAP/Wojtek Jargiło

"The money from these taxes should be used to expand the European rail network, to make this transport a viable alternative to aviation," Zandberg stated.

Zandberg emphasized the need for increased European funding to enhance local connections and build high-speed railroads, adding that "a lot still needs to be done to strengthen public transportation in Europe," which also involves policies to reduce CO2 emissions.

He warned that a victory for the Christian Democrats in the upcoming European Parliament elections would maintain the status quo, favoring big corporations over ordinary people.

According to Zandberg, a win for the Left would lead to investments in public transportation, housing, wage increases, and economic equalization. He also cautioned against the far-right's intentions to destabilize the European Union.

Poland's elections for the European Parliament will be held on June 9, with 53 deputies to be elected.


Source: IAR, PAP