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Icebreakers to help clear floes on river Vistula

13.02.2021 13:30
As danger levels in Płock recede, water rises in vicinity of Kępa Polska and Wyszogród
Icebreakers on river Vistula
Icebreakers on river Vistula PAP/Tytus Żmijewski

Six ice breakers are being sent out on to the river Vistula in the Włocławek area, Poland's water authorities have announced. 

The head of Poland's Wody Polskie water authority, Przemysław Daca, assured said the situation on the Vistula had stabilized. Daca and his deputy Krzysztof Woś told Polish Radio that currently the situation was stable and "reasonably safe". As temperatures rise, the conditions have enabled icebreakers to tackle the built-up ice. 

Nonetheless, the ice thickness has now much increased and additionally there are stretches where crushed ice has been piling up. "We have a couple of blockages pinpointed. Our operation now is going to be slightly different, more difficult and we expect it can take several weeks," said Woś. 

The water level in Płock, which last week topped alarm levels, posing a risk of flooding, is now receding. The ice which had been blocking the waterway at Płock has moved downriver, causing water to rise in the Wyszogród area, but so far levels have remained below the warning mark, the water authorities said.

Source: PAP, IAR