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Dancing in the street in Zakopane

13.02.2021 14:30
Crowds at Polish holiday resorts on the first weekend of relaxed COVID-19 restrictions as local police report busiest time in months 
ZakopanePAP/Grzegorz Momot

 Thousands of Poles are spending the weekend at tourist resorts, after hotels and ski slopes in Poland were allowed to reopen on Friday after the government partially eased COVID-19 restrictions.

 The relaxation was announced earlier this month amid signs of a let-up in the spread of the coronavirus.

 Poland's mountain capital Zakopane was again seeing crowds, especially with the added attraction of the World Cup series international ski jumping contest this weekend, as well as Valentine's Day.  The resort formally has 40,000 beds and while COVID-19 regulations stipulate only 50% can be filled, hoteliers said this sold virtually within hours from the government press conference at which the unfreezing was announced.

 The loosening of COVID-19 curbs will last for two weeks, after which it will be reassessed. 

 Restaurants still remain shut to visitors, however.

 Meanwhile police in Zakopane reported their busiest night in months, with officers called out to dozens of incidents at hotels and boarding houses, brawls and street fights, and even an improvised dance in the resort's iconic Krupówki street.

 Local police said they expect Saturday night to be comparably busy.

Source: PAP, IAR