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New rules for electric scooters in Poland

20.05.2021 12:13
Poles on electric scooters have to use bicycle lanes wherever these are available under new rules that came into force on Thursday.
Photo: Thomas WolterPixabay.com
Photo: Thomas Wolter/Pixabay.comPixabay licence

People riding e-scooters and other similar electric devices have to give way to pedestrians, travel at a speed similar to people on foot, and no faster than 20 kilometres per hour (around 12.5 mph).

If there is no bicycle path, e-scooters have to travel on the road – if the speed limit on such a street is less than 30 kph.

E-scooters are allowed to use the pavement only if the speed limit on a road alongside is over 30 kph and there is no bike path to hand. 

Electric two-wheelers have become a common sight in big Polish cities in recent years, reflecting a wider trend in Europe.

But the law was not up to speed with the spurt in technological progress, and Poland previously did not have regulations governing the use of such electric devices.

Pedestrians in Poland have complained that they are in danger of being hit by riders weaving through crowds on footpaths, while some motorists regard scooters on public roads as a slow-moving nuisance.


Source: PAP

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