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Poland secures contract for 12 command vehicles for Abrams tanks

27.12.2023 15:15
Poland's Armament Agency has announced a contract worth approximately PLN 268 million (USD 68m) for the delivery of 12 command vehicles designed for modern Abrams tanks.
Rosomak-based command vehicle for Abrams tanks.
Rosomak-based command vehicle for Abrams tanks. Photo: X/Paweł Bejda

Deputy Defense Minister Paweł Bejda revealed the order on social media, highlighting the contract signed with Rosomak S.A., the manufacturer of Rosomak transporters.

The vehicles, based on the Rosomak Wheeled Armored Transporter (KTO) utilized by the Polish Army, will support command and staff processes at the battalion level in Abrams M1A2 tank subdivisions. The delivery is scheduled between 2025 and 2026.

"The essential communications equipment in the command vehicles will ensure the secure exchange of classified information through radio means as well as the wired route. The vehicles will also be equipped with internal communications subsystems," stated the Armament Agency.

Rosomak S.A. has been supplying Rosomak transporters to the Polish armed forces since 2004, with command vehicle versions delivered since 2018. The new command vehicles are specifically tailored for integration with M1 Abrams tanks. Poland has ordered 250 M1A2SEPv3 tanks from the United States, set to be delivered between 2025 and 2025.

Poland has also secured 116 M1A1 tanks, with the first units arriving this year. This order was expedited due to the transfer of post-Soviet tanks to Ukraine, necessitating the replenishment of equipment.


Source: PAP