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Personal details of Polish officials found on leaked Chinese database: report

29.10.2020 13:30
Personal details of some of Poland’s highest-ranking officials were found in a leaked database compiled by a tech company linked to China’s military intelligence, a Polish conservative weekly has said.
Image: pixabay.com
Image: pixabay.comCC0

The Gazeta Polska weekly reported that in September Australian cybersecurity think-tank “Internet 2.0” revealed a database compiled by Chinese company Zhenhua Data had been leaked.

The database, which contained personal information on around 2.4 million people around the world, was put together using public data such as profiles on social media, according to reports.

According to Gazeta Polska, Zhenhua Data assembles and analyses large data sets for China’s military intelligence as well as the Chinese Communist Party.

The Australian think-tank was able to recover the records of about 250,000 people, including individuals from the United States, Australia, Britain, and Poland.

Gazeta Polska reported that the list contains “over 3,000 [Polish] names and surnames”, and includes “not only former or current high-ranking government officials, but also their families - spouses, children, parents and siblings”.

According to the weekly, the list includes the head of Poland’s Supreme Audit Office, Marian Banaś; Deputy Defence Minister Wojciech Skurkiewicz; former Prime Minister Donald Tusk; and the Polish ambassador to Germany, Andrzej Przyłębski.


Source: Gazeta Polska