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Interview: How will Polish-US ties shape up under Biden?

11.01.2021 15:45
Ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration as the new president of the United States, experts have offered a plethora of predictions on how Polish-US relations are likely to develop under his administration.
  • Interview: How will Polish-US ties shape up under Biden?
US President-elect Joe Biden.

Over the course of his long political career, Biden has played a role in Poland being admitted to NATO and in providing US assistance to this country. 

"I want the Polish people to know that there is a deep, deep commitment to Poland that lives in the hearts of a vast majority of Americans,” he said during a visit to Warsaw on March 18, 2014.

Analysts agree that, despite the turmoil associated with Donald Trump's presidency, his term has brought benefits to Poland, including the country’s inclusion in the US Visa Waiver Program and America’s involvement in the Three Seas Initiative led by Poland.

Should we expect a reset now? Biden is set to be sworn into office on January 20.

Danuta Isler spoke to Tony Housh, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, to find out more.

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