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Expulsions are response to aggressive Russian policy: Polish deputy FM

19.04.2021 13:22
Decisions by Poland, the United States and the Czech Republic to expel Russian diplomats are a response to Moscow's aggressive policies, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz said on Monday.
Marcin Przydacz.
Marcin Przydacz. Photo: PAP/Leszek Szymański

The Polish foreign ministry said last Thursday that three staff at the Russian embassy in Warsaw had been designated personae non gratae, adding that Poland was expressing solidarity with a US decision to impose sanctions on Moscow.

The foreign ministry in Warsaw added that the reason for its decision was "the violation of diplomatic status and carrying out activities to the detriment of the Republic of Poland by the indicated persons."

Washington on Thursday imposed a swathe of sanctions on Moscow in response to its alleged interference in US elections, cyber-hacking, bullying Ukraine and other "malign" acts.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministry in Warsaw has said that Poland "fully supports" the Czech Republic's decision to expel 18 Russian diplomats.

The Czech Republic on Saturday moved to eject the diplomats after saying that two alleged Russian spies accused of a nerve agent poisoning in Britain in 2018 were behind a deadly explosion at a Czech ammunition depot four years earlier.

Poland's Przydacz said on Monday: "All this is a certain kind of response to aggressive Russian policy, and these are also significant political signals." 

He added that the government in Warsaw has been counteracting the "growing activity" of Russian secret services in Poland.


Source: PAP/Reuters

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