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Poland, US sign aviation security agreement

05.12.2021 09:15
Poland and the United States have signed an aviation security agreement under which in-flight security officers will travel on board certain passenger flights between the two countries as part of efforts to fight terrorism and air piracy.
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The document was signed at the start of this month "in the spirit of enhancing the security of international civil aviation," the US embassy in Warsaw said in a statement.

Under the agreement, Poland and the United States will be able to deploy their in-flight security officers (IFSOs) on board aircraft flying between the two countries, according to the statement.

The agreement aims to "strengthen Poland’s already robust aviation security efforts by furnishing a security presence on board passenger flights between the United States and Poland," the statement also said.

In-flight security officers (IFSOs) serve as an active last line of defense against terrorism and air piracy, and are "an important part of a multi-layer strategy adopted by the United States to thwart terrorism in the civil aviation sector," the statement added.


Source: IAR, pl.usembassy.gov