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US revives WWII-era anti-Hitler measure to fight Putin: report

07.04.2022 15:05
Amid Vladimir Putin's bloody war against Ukraine, the United States has revived a World War II-era measure that once allowed it to quickly resupply allies in the fight against Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, according to a report.
Anti-war protesters in North Macedonia.
Anti-war protesters in North Macedonia.Photo: EPA/GEORGI LICOVSKI

The US Senate late on Wednesday voted to unanimously approve the proposal, which is intended to enable President Joe Biden to more efficiently send weapons and other supplies to war-torn Ukraine, the Politico news service has reported.

The measure, known as the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act, comes as Ukraine’s army proves itself capable of fending off Russian forces, according to the politico.com website.

The passage of the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act is yet another sign that the United States and its allies in Europe believe Russia’s invasion presents an existential threat to the Western world, Politico reported.

It is also an indication that the West believes Ukraine can now win the fight against Putin, who invaded the country on February 24, it said.


Source: dziennik.plpolitico.com