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Polish weapons earn compliments in Ukraine: report

06.06.2022 14:15
Poland's state-of-the-art military equipment, such as the Piorun (Thunderbolt) man-portable air defence system, is earning much praise from the defenders of Ukraine, news outlets reported. 
The Poland-made Piorun (Thunderbolt) man-portable air defence system.
The Poland-made Piorun (Thunderbolt) man-portable air defence system.PAP/Leszek Szymański

Piorun complimented by Ukraine, bought by US

According to Poland’s zyciestolicy.com.pl website, “the Piorun systems have become a social-media sensation” in war-torn Ukraine, with the Polish kamikaze drones, Warmate, also widely praised.

Both weapons are being used with good effect by the Ukrainian army as it battles the Russian invasion, zyciestolicy.pl reported.

At the beginning of the Russian assault on Ukraine, much attention was focused on the US-made Javelin systems, the website wrote, citing Germany’s Die Welt newspaper.  

“But it’s the little known Polish systems that are complimented on a daily basis by Ukrainian officials,” Die Welt wrote, as cited by zyciestolicy.pl.

“Even the United States has started to buy Pioruns,” according to Die Welt, zyciestolicy.pl reported.

'Majority of Ukrainians regard Poland as most important partner'

The German daily noted that Poland had been providing a steady supply of weaponry to its southeastern neighbour, zyciestolicy.pl reported.

This includes “some 240 T-72 battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled howitzers,” according to Die Welt, as cited by zyciestolicy.pl.

The German newspaper stressed: “a clear majority of Ukrainians regard Poland as the most important partner and with good reason.”

Monday is day 103 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Poland on Monday reported it had welcomed 3.859 million refugees fleeing Russia’s war on Ukraine. 


Source: zyciestolicy.plwelt.de