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Free world must do everything to save Ukraine: Polish PM

28.06.2022 06:30
The free world must do everything in its power to save Ukraine, the Polish prime minister has said, after Russia's invasion of its southern neighbour entered its fifth month.
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz MorawieckiPhoto: PAP/Albert Zawada

In an opinion piece published by the Politico news service this week, Mateusz Morawiecki said that Russia’s main objective in its war against Ukraine was "not only that of paralyzing Ukraine but of further destabilizing the West."

And "despite the successes of Ukrainian troops, Russia is moving forward with its central goal, destroying industry, roads and schools along the way," Morawiecki warned.

He added that while "Ukraine has surpassed expectations to fend off Russia for this long, unless the U.S. and Europe intervene more forcefully, a protracted war could mean not only Ukraine’s downfall but — in the long term — the rise of a new global hegemony, which will be able to marginalize the Western world."

Morawiecki cautioned that "Russia is like a python, which seizes its prey and waits until it is weak enough so that it can swallow it whole."

He also argued that "procrastination and passivity will play in favor of the invader."

"That is why it is so important the West stop deluding ourselves that the support we have thus far provided for the Ukrainian army is sufficient," Morawiecki said.

He argued: "The war in Ukraine puts before us one crucial question: Does the transatlantic free world still want to occupy a position of leadership? Do we still believe in the universality of values such as freedom and the right of national self-determination? Do we have determination to defend them? If not, we have already lost our future."

"However, if the flame that has enlivened our civilization for centuries is still smoldering, it is high time we rekindled it and did everything in our power to save Ukraine," he concluded.


Source: PAP, politico.eu