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Russia deploys world’s largest submarine carrying ‘apocalypse weapon’: report

04.10.2022 15:45
Russia’s Belgorod nuclear submarine has left its base in the Arctic Circle, an Italian newspaper has reported.
The K-329 Belgorod.
The K-329 Belgorod.Photo: twitter.com/tvtoront

Belgorod, which is the world’s longest submarine, measuring at over 600 feet, is allegedly carrying “apocalypse” Poseidon nuclear torpedoes. The Poseidon torpedo, Russian officials have claimed, is capable of creating 1,600-foot tsunamis aimed at coastal cities and industrial centers.

A top-secret NATO warning note, which was leaked to Italian media over the weekend, said that the Belgorod has left its home base in the Arctic Circle and may be on its way to Russia’s Kara Sea for a first test of the nuclear-tipped Poseidon torpedo drone.

“The alarm stems from a NATO intelligence report, sent to the most important allied commands in recent days. The report concerns the movements of the Belgorod nuclear submarine, which became operational in July. Now she’s back to dive in the Arctic seas, and it is feared that her mission is to test for the first time the super-torpedo Poseidon, often referred to as ‘the weapon of apocalypse,” Italian newspaper la Repubblica reported.

The torpedo emits little heat and moves silently which could render US infrared sensors for tracking missile launches useless, the Italian paper added.

The Belgorod is the largest submarine built in Russia in the last 30 years. It was officially unveiled in 2018.

The submarine can stay submerged for 120 days and is capable of traveling 10,000 kilometers underwater, moving at 60 km/h.

The leaks concerning the Belgorod come after Putin delivered a number of thinly veiled threats to use nuclear arsenal in Ukraine, where Russian forces have recently suffered some major losses.


Source: RMF 24, New York Post