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Russia ostracised by vote at UN General Assembly

13.10.2022 22:00
The Polish Ambassador to the UN has said that Wednesday's vote at the UN General Assembly shows that Russia has been marginalised from global politics.
The United Nations further isolates Russia.
The United Nations further isolates Russia. Shutterstock/Drop of Light

On Wednesday, the resolution at the General Assembly of the United Nations, coauthored by Poland, condemned Russia's attempted annexation of 4 regions in Ukraine. 

The resolution stated that the referenda were illegal and called on Russia to withdraw its annexation declaration. 

The resolution was supported by 143 countries with 35 abstensions. Russia and four other countries opposed the resolution: North Korea, Belarus, Syria and Nicaragua.

Krzysztof Szczerski, the Polish ambassador to the UN, says that this vote represents further isolation for Russia - something he says they were very keen to avoid.

Source: PAP