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Stanford Professor assesses Biden's trip

23.02.2023 22:00
Professor Michael McFaul, former US Ambassador to Moscow, sums up the pros and cons of Biden's trip in an interview for the Polish Press Agency (PAP).
President BIden bids Poland farewell.
President BIden bids Poland farewell. (mr) PAP/Paweł Supernak

Michael McFaul, Professor of Political Science at Stanford University and former US Ambassador, has given an exclusive interview to the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

McFaul acknowledges that Biden did not unveil the specific new sanctions, military systems or economic support that some were expecting during the President's visit. 

However, he considers that the messaging coming from Biden's statements - based on global democratic values and directed more to Europe than to the US - may have greater positive impact:

"I personally believe that it was proper and wise to emphasize the fight of freedom against dictatorship, but I would have expected more political elements which, I hope, will still be forthcoming."

Professor McFaul was also expecting Biden to address Americans more in the run up to the 2024 elections - to explain American involvement to the American voter. The US President instead chose to address Europeans, consolidating support for Ukraine among allies.

Source: PAP