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Polish firefighters in Greece

19.07.2023 20:30
Polish firefighters are in Greece, joining French, Italian and Romanian teams supporting Greece as it struggles with this year's wildfires.
Fighting fires in Greece.
Fighting fires in Greece. Photo: PAP/EPA/KOstas Tsironis

Greece has been hit by rapidly moving wildfires close to Athens - threatening the capital and an oil refinery.

Poland is sending 149 firefighters from Lesser Poland (the region whose capital is Kraków) and Greater Poland (capital - Poznań) who will be active from Friday on.

They will reinforce firefighting contingents from France, Italy and Romania, according to the Associated Press.

"I thank our firefighters for their readiness. This is our 18th foreign mission in recent years...we are going to Greece for the second time. Our firefighters from Lesser and Greater Poland have already been there - they understand the terrain," said Arkadiusz Przybyła, the Deputy Chief of the the Polish Fire Services.

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