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Rally in solidarity with Israel planned in Warsaw

21.10.2023 19:36
A rally to support the Israeli is to be held in Warsaw on Sunday, to express solidarity with that country, after Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel from Gaza on October 7.

The rally organizers call on Poles to come to the Israeli embassy in Warsaw at noon on Sunday "to express our solidarity with Israel in this difficult time."

"Bring Israeli flags, candles and flowers with you," the organizers also said, stressing the demonstration is to be a peaceful show of support "for those who lost their relatives."

Poland’s foreign ministry has condemned civilian deaths in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and called on all sides to de-escalate the conflict in the Middle East.

The Polish foreign ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that "Poland is outraged by the unacceptable toll of innocent civilian lives taken by the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict."

It added that "the shocking news of the atrocity at the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza adds to this horror."

The Polish foreign ministry stated that civilians "must be protected in accordance with international and humanitarian law."

It called on "all sides to act to deescalate the conflict."

European Union leaders on Sunday condemned Hamas attacks on Israel and backed Israel’s right to defend itself in line with humanitarian and international law.


Source: PAP, IAR