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Polish Foreign Ministry challenges Putin's lies about Poland

10.02.2024 13:23
The Polish Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday to correct "President Vladimir Putin’s 10 lies on Poland and Ukraine which were not rectified by Tucker Carlson."
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir PutinPhoto: EPA/Alexei Danichev/SPUTNIK/KREMLIN

According to Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in his first interview with an American journalist since Russia invaded Ukraine nearly two years ago, Putin made ten lies about Poland and Ukraine, offering a revisionist version of history, while not being challenged by the conservative talk-show host Tucker Carlson.

In the statement, the Polish Foreign Ministry staid that, contrary to Putin's claims, Poland did not collaborate with Nazi Germany, nor did it force Adolf Hitler to start World War II against Poland.

The ministry's statement also stressed that "today’s Ukraine emerged as a state thanks to Ukrainian national movement," and was not "an artificial state created by Lenin and Stalin."

The Polish Foreign Ministry also stated that despite what the Russian president claims there are "no NATO bases on the territory of Ukraine."

During the interview, asked if he could imagine a scenario in which he would send Russian troops to NATO member Poland, Putin replied: "Only in one case, if Poland attacks Russia. Why? Because we have no interest in Poland, Latvia or anywhere else. Why would we do that? We simply don't have any interest."

Putin said in December that Moscow had no plans to attack the NATO military alliance, dismissing remarks by US President Joe Biden that Russia would attack a NATO country if it won the war in Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, starting the largest armed conflict in Europe since World War II.

Saturday is day 717 of Russias war on Ukraine.


Source: IAR, PAP, Reuters, tuckercarlson.com