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Weimar Triangle ministers unite against Russian disinformation campaigns

29.04.2024 15:30
Ministers of European affairs from the Weimar Triangle—France, Germany, and Poland—have announced renewed attempts by Russia to spread disinformation, following a meeting in Paris.

This marks a continuation of previous attacks reported by the trio in February, prompting a coordinated response.

The French government agency Viginum uncovered 31 websites disseminating Kremlin propaganda at the end of March, part of a Russian operation codenamed "Portal Kombat."

These sites target 19 EU member states, as well as nations in the Western Balkans, Africa, and Asia. "I call on major social media platforms to take appropriate action to block these sites, which have been found to participate in foreign interference in the electoral process," urged French European Affairs Minister Jean-Noël Barrot, following discussions with his German and Polish counterparts Anna Luehrmann and Adam Szłapka.

In February, the Weimar Triangle countries reported the discovery of websites spreading Russian propaganda online and subsequently established a joint mechanism to counter such disinformation attacks.

The meeting concluded with a joint declaration addressing the fight against propaganda, alongside other key issues, including the defense of the rule of law within the EU and support for the European aspirations of Ukraine and Moldova, Polish state broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported on Monday.


Source: IAR