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Brussels ends rule-of-law proceedings against Poland

29.05.2024 15:00
The European Commission has officially ended its rule-of-law proceedings against Poland, a process initiated under Article 7 of the EU Treaty in December 2017.
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The proceedings were launched in response to controversial changes to Poland's judiciary by the previous Law and Justice (PiS) government.

The decision to close the procedure comes as a result of judicial reforms planned and implemented by Poland's new government.

Although not all key changes have been fully carried out, the European Commission acknowledges that the steps taken thus far are sufficient to conclude that there is no longer a systemic threat to the rule of law in Poland.

The reform plan includes significant changes such as restructuring the National Council of the Judiciary and the Constitutional Tribunal, as well as separating the roles of the justice minister and the prosecutor-general.

Additionally, to assure the European Commission, Poland has joined the European Public Prosecutor's Office and committed to recognizing the rulings of the EU Court of Justice.

Earlier this month, the European Commission expressed its intent to end the proceedings, receiving the green light from EU member states last week.

Despite closing the case, Brussels will continue to monitor the implementation of Poland's judicial reforms.


Source: IAR