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Poland’s construction boom insufficient to meet residential demand: report

27.09.2019 08:00
Poland is building the largest number of new flats in Central Europe, but this is still not enough to satisfy demand, a new study has found.
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A report released by professional services firm Deloitte showed that last year 184,800 new flats were released on the domestic real estate market, or 4.81 new flats per 1,000 inhabitants.

Only Norway (6.16) and France (6.86) achieved a higher number of new dwellings per 1,000 inhabitants.

Also in terms of the number of dwellings under construction per 1,000 inhabitants, Poland ranked third, with 221,000 new flats being built (5.8 flats per 1,000 inhabitants).

Again, Poland’s results were outdone only by Norway (5.9) and France (6.3).

However, these construction records were not enough to satisfy the demand for flats in Poland. In terms of the total number of flats per capita the country still remains at the far end of the European ranking, according to the Deloitte study.

The report found that there are 380.7 flats per 1,000 Poles, which is the worst result in all of Europe. For comparison, in Portugal, where the housing stock is the largest, the ratio stands at 579.8 flats per 1,000 residents.

According to estimates by the HRE Think Tank, the Polish housing market is still short of around 2.1 million flats.


Source: regiodom