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Poland reinstates domestic flights as coronavirus rules eased

01.06.2020 07:00
Poland on Monday reopened its skies for domestic flights as it eases restrictions imposed to curb the coronavirus pandemic.
Image by Nikhil Kurian from Pixabay
Image by Nikhil Kurian from Pixabay Pixabay License

State-owned airline LOT has reinstated flights between eight cities, including between the capital, Warsaw, and the northern city of Gdańsk; and between Warsaw and Kraków in the south, Szczecin in the north-west, and Wrocław in the west.

Under rules to prevent the coronavirus spreading, passengers must have their temperature measured by thermal imaging cameras before boarding.

Air crews have been told to wear masks and gloves on board, while passengers are required to keep their mouth and nose covered with a mask for the whole flight.

Deputy Infrastructure Minister Marcin Horała said last month that Poland would bring back passenger flights in three phases: first on domestic routes; then on routes to European destinations; and finally intercontinental connections, but only to regions where the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.

Poland suspended international scheduled flights on March 15.

A total of 23,786 people have tested positive for the COVID-19 disease in Poland, with 1,061 deaths from the coronavirus so far, officials said on Sunday evening.


Source: PAP/TVN

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