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Polish company finds new natural gas deposits

05.11.2022 09:43
A vast reservoir of natural gas has been discovered by Polish state-controlled gas company, PGNiG in the western province of Greater Poland.
The new reservoir will cause an uptick in the share of domestic natural gas production.
The new reservoir will cause an uptick in the share of domestic natural gas production.Milosz1/flick

Last week, the state-owned giant announced through its website that the two detected deposits contain some 600 million cubic metres of the fossil fuel.

“This is an extra guarantee of supply security for our customers,” head of PGNiG, Iwona Waksmundzka-Olejniczak, has commented.

She emphasized that the events of the past year are a stark indication of how crucial domestic gas production is when it comes to energy security.

“PGNiG employees have the knowledge, competencies and experience to tap into the full potential [of the deposits],” Waksmundzka-Olejniczak added.

Yet, the company’s estimates suggest that it’ll take some 3 years before the extraction will be possible.

Eventually, the production is expected to yield some 20 million cubic metres of natural a year.

The extracted fuel would satisfy less than 0.1% of Poland’s annual natural gas consumption, which stands at 23 billion cubic metres.

Earlier this week, PGNiG reached a merger deal with Poland’s state fuel giant, PKN Orlen, who now will share responsibility for the exploitation of the deposits.


Source: PGNiGStatista