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EU to compensate farmers for Ukrainian grain imports

25.03.2023 15:00
The European Commission is planning to provide EUR 100 million in compensation to five countries affected by increased grain imports from Ukraine, with Poland expected to receive the largest share, Polish Radio reported, citing anonymous sources.
A grain field in Raszków, west-central Poland
A grain field in Raszków, west-central PolandPhoto: acek Halicki, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The objective of the additional financing is to mitigate losses incurred by farmers in five EU countries due to the influx of Ukrainian grain.

In May 2022, the EU introduced the so-called solidarity lanes initiative aimed at facilitating the export of agricultural goods from Ukraine through multiple routes, in response to the trade disruptions caused by Russia's invasion.

The programme has increased competition for the EU’s own farmers and affected grain prices in five EU countries, including Poland, neighbouring Ukraine.

According to Polish Radio, the European Commission President has reached an agreement with representatives from the affected EU member states, with an official decision expected next week.

Poland is set to become the largest recipient and receive one-third of the assistance package.


Source: IAR