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Poland’s Katowice hosts European congress of steel industry

17.09.2023 18:00
A two-day conference of steel industry leaders and experts, begins in the southern Polish city of Katowice on Monday.

The event will focus on the future of the Polish steel sector, according to the organisers, the Regional Chamber of Commerce (RIG) in Katowice.

The STEEL 2023 European Steel Congress will comprise more than 20 panel discussions, workshop meetings and speeches, according to officials. 

Guests and speakers include Poland’s State Assets Minister Jacek Sasin, Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskwa and Deputy Senate Speaker Gabriela Morawska-Stanecka, as well as Stefan Moritz, secretary general of the Brussels-based European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, Europe’s biggest confederation of small and mid-size companies, RIG Katowice said. 

Discussions are set to revolve around such issues as “the megatrends shaping the steel industry in Europe” in the context of climate change, technological innovation and geopolitical instability, for instance.

AI, defence industry, reconstruction of Ukraine

Other key topics include the application of artificial intelligence in the steel industry, the role of steel in the defence industry and the government’s drive to strengthen Poland’s national security, and how to provide steel for the reconstruction of Ukraine, according to officials.

The full programme of the STEEL 2023 European Steel Congress is available on the event’s official website.

The STEEL 2023 European Steel Congress is designed to bring together top leaders and experts in the steel industry, creating “a platform for all participants to exchange knowledge, experience, and inspirations,” RIG Katowice said.

The event will represent “an opportunity to build-up partnerships, establish business cooperation, and work together for the development of the steel industry,” according to organisers.

The STEEL 2023 European Steel Congress runs in Katowice from Monday, September 18 to Tuesday, September 19.


Source: RIG Katowice, The STEEL 2023 European Steel Congress