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Poland to produce radar components for US Patriot missile system

17.11.2023 15:30
Poland is set to become the first US ally to manufacture advanced radar components for the American-made Patriot missile defense system, the Rzeczpospolita daily has reported.
Patriot missile system.
Patriot missile system. Photo: PAP/AA/ABACA

During talks in Washington, representatives from Poland's Ministry of Defense and the Polish Armaments Group engaged with officials from the US government and Raytheon, a major arms producer that is now part of RTX Corporation, according to Rzeczpospolita.

The negotiations were successful, despite the US tendency to restrict sharing its latest technology with even its closest allies, the paper said.

It also said that the breakthrough is particularly noteworthy as the Polish arms industry has long sought access to American radar technology.

This ambition aligns with the Polish armed forces' decision to integrate their Wisła medium-range air defense system with Patriot missile sets, Rzeczpospolita reported.


Source: PAP, Rzeczpospolita