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World Bank to give Poland $266 million for Clean Air Program

21.04.2024 18:25
Poland has signed an agreement worth $266.35 million with the World Bank to finance its Clean Air program, according to Finance Minister Andrzej Domański.
Minister finansów Andrzej Domański gościem Sygnałów dnia. Fot. Przemysław Chmielewski
Minister finansów Andrzej Domański gościem "Sygnałów dnia". Fot. Przemysław ChmielewskiPrzemysław Chmielewski/PR

The Clean Air program is the Eastern European Union country’s subsidy project supporting the replacement of obsolete heat sources and insulation of single-family houses, the Reuters News Agency Reported.

In January of this year, the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment announced that the Clean Air program will soon receive financing from the National Reconstruction Plan and the European Funds for Climate and Environment Infrastructure (FEnIKS). The ministry also disclosed that they were in talks with the World Bank to secure additional funding.

On Saturday, Finance Minister Andrzej Domański announced that Poland signed an agreement with the World Bank to finance the Clean Air program. The agreement is worth $266.35 million and will support the country's efforts to improve its environmental initiatives.

"With the president of the World Bank, Ajay Banga, we also talked about the challenges facing the global economy and growing inequality in the world," he said in a post on social platform X.

Domański did not provide any more details about the terms of the contract.

The Clean Air Program, with a budget of PLN 103 billion, stands as the largest anti-smog initiative in Poland. It offers financial assistance to owners of single-family homes, enabling them to replace environmentally unsustainable heat sources and enhance building energy efficiency through measures such as insulation.


SOURCE: TVN; Reuters