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09.07.2019 16:42

Part of Polskie Radio, thenews.pl is the leading English language news resource for Polish news. Updated regularly all day, everyday, thenews.pl covers domestic and foreign affairs, economy and business, culture, sport, and human interest stories.

In a round up of English news sites in Central and Eastern Europe, The Economist has said that thenews.pl is the best site for news about Poland in the English language.

History of Polish Radio External Service

Polish Radio External Service (Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy) is a part of Poland’s public radio network. Its aim is to broadcast programs on developments in Poland, Polish foreign policy, the economy, business and foreign investments. Polish Radio provides objective and impartial information about Poland and its stance on international affairs. It reports on developments in Polish society, its daily life as well as scientific and cultural achievements.

1936 – Polish Radio launches shortwave broadcasts of brief programmes in English and Polish
1945 – after the end of World War 2, the shortwave channel Warszawa III resumes external broadcasts
1990 – Polish Radio starts broadcasting in Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Czech and Slovak
1994 – The External Service begins daily broadcasts in several languages via the World Radio Network
2007 – Polish Radio External Service launches thenews.pl web site