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President sends greetings to Polish women

08.03.2021 13:45
President Andrzej Duda on Monday sent greetings to Polish women as the country marked International Women's Day.
Flowers on sale as Poles mark International Womens Day on Monday.
Flowers on sale as Poles mark International Women's Day on Monday.Photo: PAP/Marcin Bielecki

"At this time of the coronavirus pandemic, I especially address those of our ladies who are directly involved in the fight against this top global threat," Duda said in a special video message.

"I would like to thank all those women who work in the health service, serve in the armed forces, the police force, the border guards and all the other law enforcement services on which we depend for our security," he added.

Duda also voiced his gratitude to women working in education as well as those employed in research centres to develop new drugs, medical tests and other products needed to battle the pandemic.

He thanked women working in the retail sector and other industries, "thanks to whom, despite the necessary restrictions, we can enjoy at least a semblance of normal life."

"In this difficult time, we realize more than ever just how important the role of women is in every area of our life," Duda also said.

He added: "In our history, there are many examples of Polish women who have influenced politics, science, culture and the economy, who fought for our independence, and also fought for equality."

International Women's Day is celebrated in dozens of countries worldwide on March 8. The celebration grew out of the labour movement and was made international in 1910 in Copenhagen by the Socialists as an expression of respect for women’s fight for equality, better pay and the right to vote.

In Poland, the day was especially popular during the communist period, when it was marked in most workplaces and schools. After communism collapsed in 1989, the event lost its popularity, and central celebrations were eventually abolished in 1993.

These days, March 8 in Poland usually sees demonstrations by feminists, combined with events calling for equal treatment of the sexes.

Meanwhile, many Polish men give women flowers and gifts on the day.


Source: IAR, prezydent.pl