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73% of Poles concerned their country is under threat from Russia: survey

25.05.2022 23:45
Seventy-three percent of Poles are concerned their country is under threat from Russia amid the war in neighbouring Ukraine, according to a survey.
Photo:PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

Twenty-nine percent of those surveyed said they "decidedly" believed the war in Ukraine was a security threat to Poland, and 44 percent said this was "rather true," giving a total of 73 percent concerned about Poland's security, according to pollster CBOS.

Only 3 percent were confident about the future, stating that they "decidedly" did not perceive a security risk, with 18 percent saying they "rather" did not perceive a threat, CBOS said.

Six percent had no opinion either way.

Meanwhile, 40 percent of Poles believe the war in Ukraine "will escalate, spreading into other countries," while 30 percent felt "the war will not spread to other countries." The remaining 30 percent had no opinion.

CBOS carried out the survey from May 2 to 12 on a sample of 1,087 respondents.


Source: PAP