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‘Toddlers’ for the little ones: cult Polish cars to rally to Monte Carlo, raise money for kids

07.06.2023 15:30
Thirty-five teams in Poland’s vintage Fiat 126 “Toddlers” will set off to Monte Carlo in July in a bid to raise money for young victims of road accidents.
The cult Polish Fiat 126 Toddler
The cult Polish Fiat 126 "Toddler"PAP/Grzegorz Michałowski

Thirty-five crews of the petite collector cars will take part in the Great Toddler Expedition, which will set off from Bielsko Biała on July 4. Among them are the country's finest motorists, one of them being 93-year-old Sobieslaw Zasada, who is Poland's most successful rally driver of all time. Other names include Longin Bielak, Janusz Szerla, Bartosz Ostałowski, Rafał Sonik and Kajetan Kajetanowicz.

Together the teams have 4,000 kilometers to cover across 7 countries.

According to one of the organizators of the event, Rafał Sonik, "all the funds we manage to raise through raffles, auctions, crowdfunding, by all possible methods, we will distribute to the most effective purposes of helping young victims of road accidents and increasing the safety of children near schools, kindergartens, especially in the small towns, where schools and kindergartens are located by the main road."

This month, Poland is celebrating 50 years since the first "Toddler" rolled off the assembly line. The tiny Fiat was produced in Poland under Italian license. The tiny people’s car became a cultural icon and famous symbol of the Polish automotive industry at a time when the country was behind the Iron Curtain.

Polish Radio for Drivers is the exclusive media patron of the event.


Source: IAR