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Polish Heritage Month in Canada

20.04.2024 16:00
May has been designated as Polish Heritage Month in Canada. To celebrate, various events and activities promoting Poland and its traditions are planned.
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The president of the Canadian Polish Congress in British Columbia, Michael Dembek, told Polish Radio that May will be a true celebration of Polishness in Canada.

"Our organizations are active and will organize various events. Of course, we will celebrate on May 3, and, for example, our BC Stadium in Vancouver will be illuminated in white and red, Poland’s national colors, as will the city halls in Vancouver and Port Coquitlam. The local government supports the Polish community and shows that is with us for this month of Polish heritage," said Michael Dembek.

In February of this year, the Canadian Parliament designated May as the month of Polish heritage. The deputies to the House of Commons emphasized that this recognition is for the significant contributions made by the Canadian Polish community towards building a better and more dynamic society, economy, politics, and culture in Canada. Moreover, every May 3, Canada will celebrate the Constitution Day of the Republic of Poland.

Currently, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda is on his week-long trip to North America.

He has scheduled a meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau at the Canadian navy base in Esquimalt, a key item on his agenda.

Ahead of his departure, Duda expressed his intentions, stating, “We will discuss the upcoming NATO summit, the security of Europe, how to better support Ukraine, but above all, I want to discuss the idea of ​​increasing NATO defense spending from 2 to 3% of GDP.”