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Polish 'Spider Man' arrested in Buenos Aires after climbing a skyscraper

12.06.2024 20:00
In a daring but unauthorized climb, 36-year-old Polish daredevil and social media influencer Marcin Banot was arrested by the Argentine police after attempting to scale the 125-meter Globant Tower in Buenos Aires.

He made the climb with no safety equipment.

Dressed in an Argentine national football team jersey, Banot was detained five floors short of the rooftop, on the outside of the building's 25th floor. His attempt last week to climb the same building in Argentina had been thwarted by the police.

The incident, which drew a crowd at the base of the skyscraper, ended when someone inside the building called emergency services. Over 30 firefighters, several ambulances, and police cars were dispatched to the scene. Banot, who did not resist arrest, might now face financial repercussions as Jorge Macri, a local government official, announced in social media his intention to ask the justice system to make Banot pay for the entire rescue operation.

The prosecutor's office has charged Banot with violating the peace of a home or commercial premise, a crime that could lead to a prison sentence ranging from six months to two years.

This is not Banot's first such stunt; he has previously climbed skyscrapers in other countries, including the Montparnasse Tower in Paris, where he was detained, tried and sentenced to a suspended prison term.

Banot, from Poland's southern Śląsk region and a fluent speaker of the local dialect, goes by the unsurprising if not entirely original monicker "Spider-Man". Over several years he has climbed, often without safety equipment, numerous structures such as free-standing chimneys and radio masts, the Eiffel Tower, Porto's Dom Luis I bridge and the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw.


Source: IAR