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Fewer entry permits to Poland. Higher fees for national visas

24.06.2024 13:00
The number of visas issued to foreigners attempting to enter Poland has decreased, according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cited by the Rzeczpospolita daily.
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By mid-June 2024, 98,000 visas had been issued. In 2023, the number of issued visas was 284,000. The fee for issuing national visas has also increased.

The majority of visa permits, essential for those seeking employment in Poland, were issued to Ukrainian citizens (47,000), Belarusians (over 32,000), and residents of Georgia (over 3,600).

The number of humanitarian visas, which totaled over 55,000 from 2020 to 2023, has declined. Changes have also been made to the program, allowing IT experts from the East to receive special visas due to the suspension of the Poland Business Harbour program.

Analytical work related to defining the goals of Polish migration policy, ongoing at the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, may be influencing the tightening of the visa issuance system.

In Poland, as in other Schengen countries, the fees for processing and reviewing national visa applications have increased. As of June 1, applicants must pay EUR 135. These increases reportedly aim to eliminate applicants who come to Poland for reasons other than those stated in their documentation.


Source: PAP, Rzeczpospolita