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Alcohol is still among the main causes of swimmers drowning in Poland

09.07.2024 15:00
A total of 58 people have drowned in Poland since the beginning of June, authorities have said, urging vacationers to be cautious when swimming and enjoying other water sports.
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Every year, campaigns are being conducted all over Poland to raise the awareness of the dangers of irresponsible swimming. Still, five drowning deaths were reported in Poland this past weekend as people took to lakes, rivers and the Baltic Sea amid the scorching heat, the Government Security Centre has said, adding that despite, so many campaigns initiated every summer, alcohol is still among the main causes of swimmers drowning in Poland.

The Government Security Centre has warned people that they should not drink, take drugs before going swimming. It also appealed to citizens to steer clear of unguarded beaches and to wear a life jacket when on a boat or canoe. It reminds also that drowning is a silent death, the victims are often unable to shout or scream due to their efforts to breathe.

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