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Sports and fun for kids with diabetes near Warsaw

10.06.2023 09:00
Several hundred diabetic children from across Europe and beyond have flocked to Pruszków near Warsaw for a series of international football and futsal competitions this weekend.
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The annual DiaEuro futsal tournament and the International Football Tournament for Diabetics, also known as IOB Cup, are being held near the Polish capital by the Warsaw-based Foundation for Children with Diabetes.

The two events began on Friday and run until Sunday.

The DiaEuro 2023 Championship in Poland is "three days of futsal games in a fair play atmosphere," featuring nearly 200 players from all over Europe, according to organizers.

The tournament offers "opportunities for exciting sports competition and integration of international diabetes communities," they said.

Meanwhile, the International Football Tournament for Diabetics, or IOB Cup, has been held annually for five years. From 2019 to 2021, it attracted teams of diabetics from across Poland. Last year, teams from abroad began participating in the event.

National diabetics teams from European and Asian countries are competing in this year's tournament, according to the Polish Foundation for Children with Diabetes.

"Football is not only a fight for the best sports results, but it is also a motivation to overcome the limitations of the disease," the organizers said.

"Diabetics show that you can practice sports at the highest level and be successful despite your disability," they added.


Source: diabetes-cup.com